Know Herbal Extracts And Types

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Know Herbal Extracts And Types

Botanic Healthcare is one of the trustworthy Herbal Extracts Manufacturers worldwide. Before heading forward, it is very crucial for us to know what exactly Herbal Extract means. A concoction of oil of fresh or dried herbs with alcohol is termed as herbal extracts. In the process, the solid particles are removed with the process of extraction and hence, the oil stays with alcohol making it ideal for medicinal and dietary uses. Majorly, the extracts are used as supplements for nutritive benefits or adding flavour in culinary. Herbalists and medicine practitioners term herbal extracts as tinctures in their vocabulary.

In the classification of the Herbal extracts, there are 4 major types. Briefly explained below:

1. Single Herb Extracts – The single herbal extract is processed from organic products, sourced from certified organic farms. For the cultivation of such herbs, it is important to keep in mind that the climatic conditions are very much favourable for its growth in terms of quality and quantity. Further, to extract the medicinal properties of the herb, extraction using organic alcohol of grapes is used.
2. Combination Herbal Extracts – The combination herbal extracts are widely demanded in the market for its high quality results in the application area, may it be medicine or food. In the extraction or manufacturing process, no grain or corn is used, thus making these herbal extracts good to be used by individuals allergic to gluten or other allergen sensitivities.
3. Liquid Herbal Extracts – The Liquid Herbal Extracts is the most common type and available in every household. The herbal extracts are in huge demand due to their long shelf life. The Liquid Tinctures are very convenient to use and are mostly available in diluted form. During the extensive method of extraction, utmost care is taken care of the herbs and its oils. The manufacturers also make sure to make the extracts safe for individuals with gluten allergies. Thus, no grain or corn is used in the process.
4. Glycerin Herbal Extracts – The Glycerites, commonly known as the Glycerin Herbal Extracts, are extensively used in preparations of medicines and supplements ideal for consumption by kids and pets. It possesses natural nectar like sweetness. In the extraction process, instead of alcohol, glycerin is used. Moreover, these herbal extracts are also prescribed for individuals having liver issues. The only setback of these extracts is short lifespan as and when compared to that of the alcohol-based herbal extracts. The final product is thick and syrupy in consistency carrying a sweet taste.

Advantage of Herbal Extracts

With advancement in the medical stream and culinary, the demand for herbal extracts has tremendously hiked. The herbal extracts in medicines have given excellent results in curing various ailments. On the other hand, in the food preparations, the herbal extracts have played an important role in inheriting special and authentic aroma and flavour. If you want to go for Organic Extracts? We are one of the leading Organic Extracts Manufacturers who are here to offer you the bulk quantity. Call us now or drop your requirement here.


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