Organic Extracts

Organic Extracts

Natural Health Products and Botanics

Botanic Healthcare processes and supplies a range of standardized herbal extracts and phytochemicals to be used in dietary supplements and medicinal herbal products. We test all ingredients using internationally validated methods to verify their potency and strength.

Botanic Healthcare’s natural products are organic certified and perfect for use by natural health companies, herbal supplement manufacturers, botanical extract manufacturers, herbalists, and producers of Ayurveda health products.

Botanical Name Assay Applications
Adhatoda vasica 0.5% to 2% vasicine by HPLC Antioxidant
Aloe vera extract 200x polysaccharides 200:1 Antioxidant
Amla extract 20% to 40% tannins by UV Antioxidant
Bacopa monnieri extract 5% to 10% bacosides by HPLC Brain health
Beetroot extract 1.5% nitrate content Heart health
Bitter melon extract 2.5% to 5% bitters by gravimetry Blood sugar support
Black pepper extract 5% to 95% piperine by HPLC Digestive support, joint health
Caralluma fimbriata extract 10% to 20% pregnane glucosides by gravimetry Weight management
Centella asiatica extract 5% to 10% saponins by gravimetry Nutricosmetic
Cinnamon bark extract 5% to 10% polyphenols by UV Blood sugar support
Cissus quandragularis extract 2.5% to 5% 3-ketosterons by gravimetry Joint health
Curcuma longa extract 40% to 95% curcuminoids by HPLC Antioxidant, anti-inflammatory
Curry leaf extract 10:1 extract ratio Nutricosmetic
Garcinia cambogia extract 40% to 60% hydroxycitricacid by HPLC Weight management
Ginger extract powder 2.5% to 5% gingerols by HPLC Joint health
Ginger juice powder Freeze dried fresh juice Joint health
Ginger oeloresin 10% to 30% gingerols by HPLC Joint health
Green coffee bean extract 10% to 25% chlorogenic acids by HPLC Weight management
Moringa leaf extract 5% to 30% glycosides by gravimetry Immune health
Mucuna pruriens extract 5% to 50% L-DOPA by HPLC Brain health
Ocimum sanctum tulsi extract 1% to 2% ursolic acid by HPLC Sleeping aid & stress management
Salacia extract 10% to 50% saponins by gravimetry Weight management
Senna extract 5% to 20% hydroxyanthracene gylosides by UV Laxative
Terminalia arjuna bark extract 0.5% arjunolic acid by HPLC Heart health
Terminalia arjuna bark extract 5% polyphenols by UV Heart health
Terminalia bellerica extract 20% to 30% tannins by titration Digestive support
Terminalia bellirica> extract 40% polyphenols as gallic acid by UV Digestive support
Terminalia chebula extract 20% to 30% tannins by titration Digestive support
Triphala extract 30% to 40% by titration Digestive support
Withania somnifera ashwagandha extract 1.5% to 5% withanoloides by gravimetry Immune health

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