Top 10 Uses Of Lemongrass Oil

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Top 10 Uses Of Lemongrass Oil

Despite market competition, Botanic Healthcare has become one of the world’s reputed Lemongrass Oil Manufacturers. This Lemongrass oil, powered with a citrus scent, is extensively demanded all across the globe for use in herbal medicines and culinary applications. The oil is extracted from the stem and leaves of the lemongrass plant. The oil has also made its entry in the beauty industry as it is extensively used in various personal care products, soaps and shampoos. In the world of medicine, lemongrass oil is also working wonders. It is used to treat various issues related to digestion and blood pressure.

Here is the Uses Of Lemongrass Oil

1. Antibacterial & Antifungal Uses: The lemongrass oil is popular for its effective use in the healing of wounds and preventing the infection from spreading. Various drug-resistant bacterial infections such as serious intestinal infections, pneumonia, blood infections, etc., can also be treated with the same. Additionally, it also exhibits excellent results in the treatment of different fungal infections, one being athlete’s foot. Results in the treatment of jock itch and ringworm are also very visible.
2. Anti-Inflammatory Properties: The ‘citral’ is the anti-inflammatory compound available in lemongrass oil that makes it perfect for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases, arthritis, etc., caused by various chronic inflammations.
3. Antioxidant Properties: The lemongrass oil is said to be rich in antioxidants. Thus, making it ideal in various therapies for the treatment of gingivitis or other nonsurgical dental procedures. the oil helps in getting your body rid of the free radicals that damage body cells.
4. Relieves Gastric Ulcer & Nausea: May it be normal stomach aches or severe gastric ulcers; lemongrass oil is witnessed to be very effective in providing relief. To treat nausea, lemongrass can be used as an important ingredient in herbal tea.
5. Ease Diarrhoea: Lemongrass oil slows intestinal motility, helping to provide some relief in diarrhoea. Often, diarrhoea bothers as it further leads to dehydration. Lemongrass oil also prevents constipation, which is one of the unpleasant side effects caused by other medicines.

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6. Reduce Cholesterol: It is very important to keep the cholesterol level in check. The Higher the level, the higher the possibilities of stroke and heart attack. The compounds in the lemongrass oil make it ideal for use by individuals looking for treatment for reducing their cholesterol level and also various other associated heart diseases.
7. Regulate Lipids & Blood Sugar: If you or any one in your family is suffering from type-2 diabetes, make sure you include lemongrass oil in your intake. Along with changing the lipid parameters and increasing good cholesterol levels (HDL), lemongrass oil shows excellent results in lowering the sugar levels.
8. Pain Reliever: To ease the pain, the ‘citral’ in the lemongrass oil works wonders. People suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, when given lemongrass oil (as prescribed by doctors), have been relieved from the related rain. As per the study, in 30 days there is decrease in the pain to almost 50% to 80%.
9. Anxiety & Stress Buster: Stress and anxiety are majorly the side effects of high blood pressure. The lemongrass oil, using aromatherapy, provides great relief in managing stress and anxiety. Few drops of lemongrass oil in the oil diffuser lamp can be very helpful. This can also be complimented with a massage session. Use sweet almond oil as the carrier oil for lemongrass oil.
10. Reduce Migraine & Headaches:  As already discussed, the lemongrass oil works wonders in relieving pain. Similarly, it is also effective in relieving ion pain caused due to headaches or migraine. Eugenol is the compound available in lemongrass oil that acts as the pain reliever as it possesses the same abilities as aspirin.

Please Note: Do not use lemongrass oil directly as it is in concentrated form. Dilute it in water or use carrier oil. If pregnant, do not use or consume without a doctor's consultation.

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