Vetiver Oil

Vetiver Oil

After being in the industry for years and catering to distinct organizations, Botanic Healthcare has established its presence among eminent Vetiver Oil Manufacturers in India. Our expertise combined with our skills helps us produce a wide range of herbal derivatives according to customer needs. With our global client portfolio, Vetiver Oils conforms to USFDA, TGA, MEDSAFE and EU guidelines.

We provide premium quality of Essential Oils that has helped our company mark credibility in the national and international market. Vetiver Oil, known as the oil of tranquillity, is appreciated for its calming properties and earthy, mushy smell. Extracted from the washed, dried and soaked roots and rootlets with the steam distillation process, Vetiver Oil has relaxing properties that make it suitable for Aromatherapies and several medicines.

Being paramount Vetiver Oil Exporters and Suppliers in India, we understand its day by day rising demand and cater for it within a promised time frame. If you have any doubts, dial our number. Our executives are here to assist.

Scientific NameChrysopogon zizanioides
Common Name: Vetiver and khus
Family: Poaceae
Parts Used: Grass and roots
Active Principles: Bioactive components include flavonoids (e.g., Cglycosides of apigenin, luteolin, tricin), phenolic acids (e.g., ferulic acid, caffeic acid, p-hydroxybenzoic acid) and triterpenes, saponins, sterols.

Vetiver Oil Health Benefits: 

  • May promote restful sleep
  • May stimulate blood circulation
  • May help to heal the wounds
  • May improve concentration
  • May reduce skin inflammation
  • May help to maintain and heal the nerves health
  • May help to manage pain
  • May help to boost immunity

Process: Steam distilled

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