Sustainability is a way of life at Botanic Healthcare. We believe sustainable sourcing should have the support of our customers, employees and stakeholders.


Sustainability is a way of life at Botanic Healthcare. We believe sustainable sourcing should have the support of our customers, employees and stakeholders. In turn, we support our local and global partners by innovating, manufacturing and exporting therapeutic natural ingredients of the highest quality using excellent sustainable practices.


At Botanic Healthcare, sustainability is a strategy that guides our relationship with partners, the community, and the environment. We use technology and creativeness to develop our manufacturing facilities, with sensible use of raw materials and preservation of natural resources. We have highly skilled experts, improvement teams, and employee support programs such as health and personal pension plans, on-site first aid, and access to technical training and on-the-job coaching. In the communities where we operate, Botanic Healthcare offers health, safety, education, and cultural programs. We run a joint volunteer program with staff and partners, with a focus on the natural environment.

Integrated Management System

Learn more about our practices, based on our sustainable strategies, which guarantee quality and safety in the process of manufacturing natural ingredients.

All Botanic Healthcare extracts are sustainable and quality ingredients, made with 100% natural and authentic ingredients, without any solvent residues. Our products meet World Health Organization guidelines for quality and safety standardization in the manufacture of therapeutic herbal extracts. For quality control purposes, we obtain chemical fingerprints for our branded ingredients using chromatographic electrophoretic techniques. We are committed to safety and hygiene in our manufacturing process to meet the quality demands of our global customers and consumers.

Botanic Healthcare controls the entire supply chain, from working closely with our partner farmers to carefully testing and manufacturing herbal extracts that can be traced back to their point of origin.

In accordance with ISO 9001:2015, we are committed to controlling all possible environmental impacts and meeting the requirements for sustainable development. Botanic Healthcare focuses on the relationships between people and their environment, promotes human health, wellbeing, and fosters a healthy and safe community.

Botanic Healthcare has a variety of Branded Ingredients, and each ingredient is certified kosher. Our production process meets the requirements to be considered kosher and is approved by a kosher auditor. We export kosher-certified herbal extracts and nutraceuticals to meet the needs of customers in Brazil and around the globe.

We guarantee the traceability of raw materials and inputs, ensuring that Muslim consumers receive religiously safe food and supplements. We manufacture halal-certified active ingredients and therapeutic nutraceuticals, and export them to the pharmaceuticals and personal care industries around the world.

We offer our global consumers a product portfolio of branded ingredients that meet national and international protocols. We have developed an eco-friendly farming system that follows the principles of soil health and environmental sustainability.


We value human rights, equality, and diversity. We aim to meet the needs of our partners and stakeholders, we are sensitive to their environment, and we contribute to their quality of life. We have initiated community development programs to work and learn together through collaboration and sharing experiences.

We have initiated community-based projects such as the Safe Drinking Water Project, Solar Project, and introduced the POSH policy for empowering women.


We initiated a rooftop solar power plant at Choutuppal, Bhuvanagiri District – Telangana, with an installed capacity of 300 kilowatts, following Telangana state guidelines.

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Botanic Healthcare has taken an important step to improve the wellbeing of our community. Our engineering team renovated a defunct reverse osmosis water filter near our Hyderabad factory in India.

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We promote a healthy working environment where our employees can work without prejudice, gender bias, and sexual harassment. Women have the right to be treated with dignity, respect, and equality.

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