Botanic Healthcare manufactures and markets therapeutic herbal extracts, nutraceuticals, oils and oleoresin for use in the pharmaceutical, nutritional and food industries by incorporating extraction science and innovation. Having exported to over 75 countries across the world, we are well versed in global regulatory requirements, including TGA and USFDA CGMP norms for dietary supplements, Korean FDA (KFDA) and European market regulations. Our products are Halal and Kosher certified.







    Soy- free

  • Health & Nutrition

    Organic compounds with a high bioavailability are better at absorbing into the bloodstream and delivering medicinal or nutritional benefits to the person ingesting them. Our phytochemicals are evaluated for high bioavailability, making them an ideal choice for supplement producers striving to make their products more effective for therapeutic and nutritional applications. Our legacy of three decades delivering remarkable levels of purity makes Botanic Healthcare the vendor of choice for global giants importing from India.

  • Essential Oils

    Essential oils are an important part of therapeutic healing and natural remedies for everyday ailments. They comprise a major segment the wellness sector, addressing the need for herbal-based, alternative medicine. Used in a variety of forms and amalgamations, pure essential oils are a key product of our extensive portfolio.

  • Natural Colors

    Natural food colors make food pleasing and soothing to the eyes. They also heighten the appearance and the charisma of processed food preparation. Botanic Healthcare has a wide spectrum of food colors that are not only appealing and alluring but also safe and healthier to use. Our food colorings have beneficial features for health, enriching the quality and value of your food.

  • Personal Care

    Our customers in the personal care space demand reproducible results that can be scientifically validated. Botanic Healthcare caters to their highest quality requirements and is today the partner of choice for a global array of industry-leading businesses in personal care.

  • Organic Extracts

    We manufacture a wide range of certified organic extracts, enriched by bioactive molecules using environmentally responsible extraction techniques. We work with farmers committed to organic farming to source raw materials, helping them build livelihoods to support sustainable agricultural practices. In addition to an array of financial, health and environmental benefits for the farmers, organic extracts also help keep the final products chemical-free. Each organic extract is supplied with a traceable organic certificate form farm to delivery point.

  • Vitamins & Minerals

    A healthy balanced diet should provide everything we need to live and be healthy, but modern lifestyles often deprive us of necessary vitamins and minerals. Health supplements and multivitamins prevent deficiencies and provide nutrients your body might be missing out on. Botanic Healthcare’s plant-based vitamin and mineral supplements have very low processing, and offer several advantages over synthetic vitamins and minerals. Natural supplements have better bioavailability and lower toxicity risk, because our body is equipped to recognize, handle and use plant nutrients.