What Is Fenugreek Extract?

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What Is Fenugreek Extract?

Fenugreek (Trigonella foenum-graecum L.) is an herb used since ancient times for good health and nutrition. The significance of fenugreek is long known and used in Ayurveda, to treat several health ailments, like aiding digestion, inducing labor, and improving overall metabolism. The delicious spice is loaded with antioxidants and enhances the level of estrogen, and testosterone levels, and controls insulin levels in the body.

Where To Get High-Quality Fenugreek Extract From?

Botanic Healthcare is one of the globally recognized Fenugreek Extract Manufacturers. We incorporate industry-approved methodologies to formulate, test, pack and deliver high-quality products in different quantities. You can count on our expertise for bulk orders. But before proceeding further, look at the points describing all about Fenugreek extracts.

Active Principle: Alkaloids, amino acids, saponins, steroidal, carcinogens, flavonoids, fibers, lipids, coumarins, and vitamins.

Pharmacological Action: The fenugreek seeds have many medicinal properties, such as hypocholesterolemic, lactation aid, antibacterial, gastric stimulant, anorexia, antidiabetic agent, galactagogue, and hepatoprotective effect anticancer. 

Benefits Of Fenugreek Extract:

  • May reduce the risk of diabetes
  • May improve hair growth
  • May aid weight loss
  • May reduce the risk of heart and blood pressure condition
  • May promote healthy skin
  • May raise testosterone and boost sperm count
  • May strengthen the digestive system

Being packed with several properties and pros, Fenugreek extract is useful in pharmaceutical, food, health supplements and several other industries. Therefore, choosing quality is crucial. Being noteworthy among Herbal Extracts Manufacturers, we have a vast portfolio of botanical extracts to meet your diverse needs. Get in touch to enquire more.

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