Unique Health Benefits Ocimum Sanctum Tulsi Extract

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Unique Health Benefits Ocimum Sanctum Tulsi Extract

Ocimum Sanctum is commonly known as Holy Basil or Tulsi. It is a plant worshiped by the Hindus. Along with the spiritual presence, this herb has several medical benefits. It is a plant with having pleasant aromatic smell with a minty taste. The tulsi extract is used in various industries. Botanic Healthcare is one of the world’s notable Ocimum Sanctum Tulsi Extract Manufacturers, reckoned for offering the best Organic Extracts in different parts of the world. We have advanced machinery and a team of experts to meet the bulk orders for the various industries that rely on Ocimum Sanctum Tulsi Extracts. We never compromise the hygiene and quality of our products.

Benefits Of Ocimum Sanctum / Tulsi Extract:

Boost Up Your Immunity Against Infections:

It is rich in zinc and Vitamin C that boost your immunity and fight against infections. It has anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties that help in supporting us in diverse conditions. It increases the natural killing of cells that boosts the immune system.

How to reduce Blood Pressure & Stress?

It is a natural herb having Ocimumosides A and B compound that reduces stress. It helps a person rejuvenate and reduces inflammation and blood pressure.

How To Treat Cold & Other Respiratory Disorders?

Whenever you suffer from a cold and cough, you might listen to have tulsi leaves raw or in tea. It reduces cold, coughs, asthma, and influenza.  It is one of the best natural remedies to support respiratory disorders.

How does it Improve Your Heart Health?

It is one of the best herbs that help in good heart health. It has a profound effect on heart diseases. It is a medicinal herb that helps in improving your heart health.

Why It is Best For Kidney Stones & Gouty Arthritis:

It has diuretic properties and helps detoxify the body. It also helps to lower the uric acid level in the body. And this reduction of uric acid helps patients who are suffering from kidney stones and gout.

Enhance Your Skin And Hair Growth:

It is rich in antioxidants and this property helps to clear the skin blemishes and acne and premature aging. It provides strength to our hair roots and lessen hair loss. The antifungal properties remove dandruff and enhance the growth of hair.

Do You Know It Is Good For Blood Purification?

Apart from all the benefits, the Ocimum Sanctum Tulsi Extract is adequate for blood purification. If you consume it daily, it will purify your blood. 

How You Can Apply On Insect Bites?

It is best for curing the pain caused due to the bite and sting of an insect. It helps to reduce the swelling or irritation that cause due to insect bites.

Helps In Fighting Against Diabetes:

Ocimum Sanctum Tulsi Extract has the property to manage type 2 Diabetes effectively. It helps in lowing blood glucose levels in diabetes patients.

We have come a long way, but still, a lot is left to cover. Our dedication and handwork make us one of the leading Organic Extract Manufacturers in the world. We have the best Herbal Extracts. Our team never minds putting extra effort to meet your bulk orders in the stipulated time frame. For further discussion, talk to our experts now.

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