Tinospora cordifolia

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Tinospora cordifolia

Botanical Name : Tinospora cordifolia
Family : Menispermaceae
Common Name : Guduchi, amrita or giloe

  • A large, glabrous, deciduous climbing shrub distributed throughout the tropical Indian subcontinent and China.
  • Derives its name, Amrita from Hindu mythology of the heavenly elixir that saved celestial beings from old age and kept them eternally young by imparting youthfulness, vitality and longevity.
Health Benefits:
  • Gives significant response in children with moderate degree of behavior disorders and mental development issues, along with improvements in IQ levels.
  • Beneficial in patients with depression, dementia and impaired memory.
  • Has anti-inflammatory actions and can be useful for body pain and muscle ache.
  • May cause significant decrease of symptoms of allergic rhinitis.
  • Maintains lipid metabolism and normalises altered liver functions (ALT, AST).
  • Has potential as an anti-osteoporotic agent.
  • Exhibits immunomodulatory activity along with support to immune system.
  • May enhance phagocytosis and induce increase in antibody production.
  • Helps exert analgesic effects by mediating nervous system mechanisms.
  • Useful to decrease toxicity in the body and can be used as blood purifier.
  • Presence of bitters is useful in controlling sugar levels.
    • Balya (Health tonic)
    • Vayah-sthapana (anti-aging)
    • Vrishya (aphrodisiac)
    • Medhya rasayana (learning and memory enhancer)
    • Rasayana (improves the immune system and body resistance against infections)

Active Principles: Has active compounds in the form of alkaloids, glycosides, lactones, bitters and steroids.

Dosage: 450-500mg per day.

  • Ayurveda uses guduchi in various generic formulations as it supports mitigation of all three doshas (vata, pitta, kapha), helps in digestion, removes toxic waste and rekindles the digestive fire.
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