Some Questions About Kava Extract-Answered

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Some Questions About Kava Extract-Answered

Kava is an herbal remedy to relieve stress and anxiety and boost your sleep habit. It is a root found in the South Pacific islands and consumed for hundreds of years as a ceremonial drink to promote relaxation. But when something has been around for a long, various fair and false questions arise against it. It is important to answer those questions correctly. Botanic Healthcare- a well-known Kava Extract Manufacturer worldwide, understands the importance of Kava for the human body, so we bring the answer to all possible questions about Kava so that people who can benefit from it are informed and not afraid to use this product. Let’s get started:

Where Does Kava Come From?

Kava is extracted from the roots of a natural plant called Piper methysticum, most commonly found in the South Pacific Islands. This plant is a member of the pepper family. Kava has been used for centuries by Indigenous people as a ceremonial drink to promote a state of relaxation. The roots contain kavalactone compounds responsible for many beneficial effects.

Is Kava Addictive?

Addiction to something means you have no control over yourself physically to stop using the product and continue using it despite adverse consequences. But Kava is not addictive. So it is a myth about the Kava that people are unable to leave taking it once they start.

Is Kava The Same As Alcohol?

No, Kava is nothing like alcohol. It is the extract of the root of a natural plant found in the South Pacific Islands. Alcohol alters the mind, interferes with a person’s judgment, and can cause damage to the brain. But Kava does not change the brain in any way. It allows you to feel relaxed and calm but retain mental clarity. So considering Kava and alcohol the same is a false assumption.

Does Kava Taste Terrible?

The taste awful depends on the person's preference. Some people enjoy the taste of fresh kava, while others do not. Just like other herbs, you can enhance its flavour by combining it with juice or other flavouring methods. Kava candies and palate cleansing chasers are also available to help those who do not enjoy the original taste.

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