Murraya Koenigii

Murraya Koenigii

Botanic Healthcare is the one-stop where your search for one of the best Murraya Koenigii Manufacturers in India finishes. For ages, Murraya Koenigii has been used in Ayurveda for possessing several health benefits. Its taste, aroma and quality can enrich the product and ensure better results.

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Botanical Name: Murraya koenigii
Common Name: Curry leaves
Family: Rutaceae
Parts Used: Leaves

Murraya koenigii originates from east and south part of India, but widely cultivated in South-East Asia and some parts of the United States and Australia. It is a semi deciduous, unarmed aromatic small spreading shrub or tree with strong woody stem but slender with the stem which is dark green to brownish in colour. Curry leaves are aromatic in nature having characteristic aroma.
Active Principles: The curry leaves are rich in various sources such as proteins, fibers, carbohydrates, minerals, nicotinic acid, vitamin C and carotene. They have a great content of oxalic acid and also contain crystalline glycosides, carbazole, alkaloids, resin and koenigin. Girinimbin, koenimbine, koenigine, koenidine, koenine, coumarine, mahanimbicine, iso-mahanimbin, bicyclomahanimbicine and phebalosin are also the major phytoconstituents. Leaves also contain triterpenoid alkaloids such as cyclomahanimbine and tetrahydromahanimbine. Carbazole alkaloids such as girinimbine, murrayacine, koenioline, xynthyletin, murrayazoline, murrayacine and murrayazolidine are the main constituents of the bark. The volatile oil that is present in fresh leaves is a rich source of vitamin A and calcium. The essential oil composition, when studied, showed the presence of D-sabinene, D-α-terpinol, di-α-phellandrene, D-α-pinene, caryophyllene and dipentene. Roots contain girinimbine, koenoline (1- methoxy-3- hydroxyl methyl carbazole).

Murraya Koenigii Health Benefits

  • May help in weight loss
  • May help in promoting gut health
  • Has anti-bacterial properties
  • May help in managing blood sugar levels
  • Good for eyesight
  • May reduce stress and anxiety
  • May help in promoting wounds

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