Manufacturing Facilities

Botanic Healthcare’s ISO- and GMP-certified manufacturing facilities are in Telangana and Tamil Nadu, India.

As a unique extraction manufacturer, our production team uses advanced extraction technology with high-tech equipment for a streamlined manufacturing process. This allows for efficiently produced, large, consistent batches with short lead times – made in a cost-effective manner to cater to our customers’ needs. We constantly broaden our horizons to embrace innovations in the field and stay at the forefront of nutraceutical innovation and global delivery standards while prioritising energy conservation.

A GMP-certified, SAP-driven company, Botanic Healthcare has achieved reputed international certifications including Star K Kosher and Halal.

Blending and Packing

Adapting nature’s treasures to your application

During this final process we multi-mill the dried, purified compounds to create a fine powder as per the customer’s requirement, and then perform a final blending process before sieving, packaging and releasing the export-quality products to QA.

Liquid Formulation

Adapting nature’s treasures to your application

Liquid formulation involves incorporating active compounds into a preparation through a series of steps. At Botanic Healthcare we use world-class techniques such as emulsion, suspension and dispersion to enhance the life of the active compounds, while incorporating them into diverse applications for consistent, stable and homogeneous results. Liquid formulation demands in-depth and practical knowledge of molecular physical chemistry and mixing techniques. We implement the appropriate tools and preparation processes to derive the right results.


Preserving natural properties

Drying removes any moisture held in the active compounds. This concentrates the weight of solid ingredients, prolongs shelf life, and enhances intrinsic therapeutic properties of the herbs. Drying under heat application can alter the natural properties of herbal molecules, but Botanic Healthcare uses innovative drying techniques to preserve these original properties and enhance the bioavailability of the active ingredients.


A highly sophisticated sieve

Under this process, we subject molecules to a liquid solution and draw them through a purifying device, helping isolate the exact combination of pure molecules required. Different molecules have different physicochemical properties, and hence move through the filters through different rates. Taking advantage of this, we use this purification process to separate molecules into three groups, each with a distinct migration rate. The segregation results in top, middle and bottom layers, where the molecules in the middle layer are the purified extracts. This process separates pure extracts from undesirable impurities, and also concentrates the active ingredients.


Infusion on an industrial scale

This process involves isolating pure extracts and active bioavailable extracts from their herbal sources. We typically do this after harvesting, drying and grinding the raw materials, after which we also soak them in a suitable solvent that enriches the desirable properties of the molecules that we intend to extract. The quality of the extracts is highly dependent on the conditions of the environment in which they are processed, so we take care to maintain the correct temperature, pressure and moisture conditions throughout. After this, we pass the material through a custom-designed filtration system to filter out undesirable impurities. We then evaporate the solvent under carefully managed, low temperature conditions. This process gives us the crude extract, a high-concentration active compound that can be further purified and formulated to meet customer requirements.

Manufacturing Process

1. Sourcing
2. Reception
3. Raw Material
4. Extraction
5. Product Release
6. Storage
7. Delivery

Our agronomist works closely with our farmer and agriculturalist partners across different regions and countries, right up to the procurement of the raw materials. This allows Botanic Healthcare to control the quality of the raw ingredients and maintain complete traceability of the herbal raw materials we use manufacture over 120 standardized herbal extracts, ensuring we meet  international standards of quality.

Regulation-aware Exports

Halal & Kosher Certified

HACCP & GMP Certified

75+ Countries Reached

Our Three-pronged Approach to Achieving Quality Standards

1. Farming and Raw Herb Supplier Audits

One of our top business priorities is acquiring the best-quality raw material through an environmentally friendly, sustainable supply chain. We benefit from long-standing, strong relationships with local farmers across India – a unique strength to our process. To enable our farmer-partners to deliver world-class material, we support them through education and awareness, bringing them up to speed with the latest regulatory best practices in the field while ensuring that the business remains economically viable for them.

2. International suppliers

We also work with farmers from international markets to source certain raw materials not available in India. Every international partner goes through a thorough remote audit – helping Botanic Healthcare understand potential partners’ farming methodologies and packing processes, while updating them on the required global standards.

3. Regulations and compliance

We are aggressive in our commitment to the highest standards of quality. We carefully screen and partner with farmers and herb suppliers who hold internationally accepted compliance certifications. Further, we support all our products with technical documents, stability data and clinical study data (if available) for each ingredient, so manufacturers can receive and use the products with confidence. We also provide our clients with in-country, independent laboratory testing to ensure all products they receive are of the highest standards.

Botanic Healthcare’s factory and R&D center.