Introducing MenoSphora

A botanic formula to support bone health in menopausal women

MenoSphora is a clinically tested, standardized, and full-spectrum extract containing sophoricoside to support the bone health of menopausal women. MenoSphora is manufactured using Botanic Healthcare’s unique extraction process, yielding the optimum percentage of active phytoconstituents required for the high efficacy of this product. Clinical research shows that MenoSphora supports bone health in menopausal women.

Traditional Uses

Sophora japonica L. of family Fabaceae is a tree native to China and popular as an ornamental tree in Japan, Europe, North America and Southern Africa. The flowers and buds are harvested during summer. It is most commonly used in Asia to treat hemorrhoids, hematuria, hematemesis, hemorrhinia, uterine or intestinal hemorrhage, arteriosclerosis, headache, hypertension, dysentery, dizziness and pyoderma.

Sophora japonica is very beneficial to the circulatory system. It has a documented history of being used to promote optimal vein health and it’s one of the 50 fundamental herbs in traditional Chinese medicine.

Sophora extract supports menopausal women with its phytoestrogen supplement properties, and promotes physical comfort and mood balance. It also helps support osteoporosis and strengthens bones.

Active ingredient


Clinical Evidence

A pilot study to evaluate the safety and efficacy of sophora extract in post-menopausal women.


Post-menopausal women


30 subjects (aged 45-55 years)


12 weeks


600mg per day in a divided dose


Improvement in somatic and psychological symptoms

Effect of MenoSphora on Adults

MenoSphora improved the Kupperman Index (KI) and visual analog scale (VAS) scores. There was a significant improvement in somatic and psychological symptoms related to menopause when compared to the placebo group.

Average KI scores

KI menopause score comparison – Baseline to 12 Weeks

Improvement in individual VAS scores for each somatic symptom

Summary of individual VAS scores of each somatic symptom (n=30)

Improvement in individual VAS scores of each psychological symptom

Summary of individual VAS scores of each psychological symptom (n=30)

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Human Safety Study

The subjective and objective evaluation of MenoSphora in women subjects with osteoarthritis revealed that the given oral dose of 600mg a day for 12 weeks was found to be safe and tolerable.

We assure you

Botanic Healthcare manufactures in a cGMP and ISO certified facility. Our products are certified kosher and halal. BSE/TSE Certificate: Allergen free, non-GMO, gluten free, and non-irradiated.

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