Botanical Name: Centella asiatica

Common Name: Gotu kola, Kodava, Indian pennywort

Family: Apiaceae or Umbelliferae

Parts used: The whole plant mainly leaves

An herbaceous, perennial plant native to the wetlands of Asia, mostly used as a culinary vegetable and as a medicinal herb that helps to heal wounds, improve cognition, and lower blood pressure.
It is known to re-vitalize the brain and nervous system, increase attention span, concentration, and combat aging.

Active principles:

Saponins are also called Triterpenoids. Some of the active principles of Centella are asiaticosides, aglycone Asiatic acid, madecassoside, madasiatic acid, brahmoside, and brahminoside. The total extract contains plant sterols, flavonoids, and other components with known pharmacological activity namely abundant tannins, essential acid, phytosterols, mucilage’s, resins, free amino acids, flavonoids, an alkaloid, a bitter component, and fatty acids.

Health benefits:

• May help in boosting cognitive functions and help in preventing the cognitive deficits as well as the oxidative stress
• It may play a potential role in modulation of anxiety, nociception, memory, and hunger in animals and humans
• It may help in improving the circulation and reducing swellings
• May promote wound healing and minimize scarring
• Anti-inflammatory property of Centella may help in healing the gastric ulcers
• Gotu Kola may help in treating venereal diseases and skin diseases
• It may enhance the sexual potency
• It may help in improving sleep
• It may help to relieve joint pain

Botanic Healthcare provides Centella asiatica extract with 10% to 40% Asiaticosides by HPLC and 5% to 10% by Gravimetry.