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  • Quality authenticated ingredients
  • Experts application support
  • Regulatory support

Natural Herbs Suppliers and Herbal Extracts Suppliers

Since inception of our brand, we have tried to gain the customer reliance by offering them solutions to their requirements at affordable prices with unbeatable qualities which lead to unbeatable growth of our company.

Botanic Remedies from Botanic Healthcare ensures and guarantee sound health and peace of mind. Our pioneering products are the origin of new finished formulation in the dietary supplement market. We are the first point of discussion among manufacturers and marketers on designing new formation for finished formulation. Our ability to supply customary designed herbal extract formulation helps finished formulation companies to have better product in the market that one can boast of.

Herbal Extracts Suppliers

Botanic Healthcare is the one manufacturer you can trust and turn to for everything from an ingredient and product development to time sensitive delivery. Whatever the challenge, we move beyond the trodden path always with an eye on delivering best ever effects. That is why Botanic Healthcare is the ingredient premier manufacturer supplier; and the only source you'll ever need. Whether we work together to create custom blends or develop production efficiencies, BHC's value-added ingredient services will help streamline your operations, generate cost savings, and even create new profit centers. This level of expertise, rarely found in a raw material supplier, has set new standards for our industry and can do the same for that of yours.

  • Premium ingredients tested by us as per international standards to verified and validated test methods by in-house and independent accredited labs.
  • State-of-the-art quality controls and quality assurance systems to meet out cGMP and ISO standards
  • Custom manufacturing solutions
  • Drum-to-hopper formulas
  • Customized granulations
  • Technical Assistance
  • Milling
  • Bulk packaging
  • Value-added customer service

Natural Herbs Suppliers

Every Manufacturer has different regulatory guidelines to comply with. As such each manufacturer is different and every product of theirs is unique and inimitable.

Each situation has different schedules to stick to and different projections to be fulfilled. That's why Botanic Healthcare not only sells ingredients but we also work with you to determine how our supplied raw and fresh ingredients can improve the effectiveness, efficiency and profitability of your overall manufacturing process.

Just think of the time- and cost-savings. When you work with BHC, we'll not only deliver premium ingredients at reasonable prices, our state-of-the-art quality controls will also ensure that each ingredient meets your standards for uniqueness, purity, strength, consistency, and reliability. Our technical and commercial expertize can even help you guide, suggest and manufacture new ingredients and upgrade those you're using already. Besides, we'll extend expert technical support to your manufacturing group that can help your company improve efficiencies, minimize waste, and optimize productivity. So you only have to bank on one sole supplier instead of going for five. It will be better for you to test one sample instead of many. At BHC, manufacturing solutions and great customer service with proven quality are simply part of the value-added package aiming at manufacturer's contentment.