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Natural Colours

Natural Food Colours make food pleasing and soothing to eyes and at the same time they heighten the appearance and the charisma of processed food preparation.

Wide range of natural food colours in Botanic includes orange-red, yellow, orange, green, pink, carmine replacement, etc. Thus we, at Botanic, have a spectrum of food colours that are not only appealing and alluring but also safe and healthier to use as our food colours are natural botanical ingredients. There is not a trace of any artificial additive that might cause serious harm to one's health. We believe in 'safety first' maxim. In fact, our food colours possess beneficial features to improve health apart from enriching the quality and value of your food.

Herbal Fruit Extracts

Curcuma longa Color value 14500 IU Food color, Antioxidant
Paprika oleoresin 30000 to 160000 ICU Food Color
Red Beet root powder Betanin 0.3% Food Color
Marigold Extract Total Xanthophylls 15mg/kg Eye health, Food color

Natural Flavoring Ingredients

Botanic's wide and complementary range of flavouring extracts offers an extensive array of natural solutions with adapted formulations to answer the market needs. Going beyond flavour impact, our clean-label technological solutions can substitute for many types of chemical ingredients.

Our experienced and technical teams consistently create the absolute appropriate flavour solution for every one of our client's products. Our natural flavouring ingredients derived from herbs, spices, fruits and vegetables can be used to create exceptional seasonings and flavouring that boost the appeal of meat and poultry products.

  • Citrus fennel
  • Cumin
  • Citrus spices
  • Fennel
  • Fennel Licorice
  • Fenugreek
  • Ginger Cinnamon
  • Chilly
  • Coriander
  • Ginger Lime
  • Cumin
  • Cumin Lime
  • Curry leaf
  • Lemon Mint
  • Garlic
  • Coriander
  • Onion
  • Ginger Cinnamon Decalipes

Fruit Powders Extract

Botanic with its cutting edge technology and state of the art facility produces Fruit Powders / Extract Powders in bulk quantities towards developing of new concepts for customer projects. We provide technical assistance by means of this application laboratory to help customers understand our product and ways they can use it to their best of benefit.

  • Apple powder
  • Orange powder
  • Banana powder
  • Pineapple powder
  • Lime powder
  • Papaya powder
  • Mango powder
  • Amla powder
  • Main Markets

  • Snacks

    Consumers today have become so health conscious that they are looking for healthier products with serviceable benefits. Since longing for natural and healthy product has become a key trend in the snack industry the consumers keep looking for new, natural original taste combinations and colours.

    With its full extensive range of fruit and vegetable powders, herb and spice extracts, natural colours, and plant-based antioxidant solutions, Botanic Healthcare offers a complete product variety of natural solutions for endless healthy, sumptuous and mouth-watering combinations.

    Our experts will help and support you in creating the winning combinations of healthier products for future.

  • Flavours & Seasonings

    Flavour is the most sought after thing as far as food is concerned. Creating natural flavouring solutions has always been a complex challenge, and recent years have marked consumer's quest for the right flavour profile. As compared to other human senses, 'smell' and 'taste' evoke memories and sometimes nostalgic feelings as well. Flavour and emotions are interlinked mostly because of the direct links between olfactory receptors and the area of the brain responsible for memory. This is what makes smell and taste the most captivating of all the senses. This is, certainly, the power of flavour that we intend to provide you.

    Botanic's wide and complementary range of flavouring extracts offers an extensive array of natural solutions with adapted formulations to answer the market needs. Going beyond flavour impact, our clean-label technological solutions can substitute for many types of chemical ingredients.

    Our experienced and technical teams consistently create the absolute appropriate flavour solution for every one of our client's products.

  • Soups & Sauces

    Soups and sauces have occupied the best part of the food industry these days. Consumers are increasingly focused on natural solutions across all product categories. To help you take advantage of this trend, Botanic offers a wide variety of natural and healthier ingredients: fruit and vegetable powders free from additives and carriers, flavouring extracts that come in liquid and powder forms and Botanic does provide a perfect alternative to herbs and spices, natural colours, and antioxidant systems to prevent flavour degradation, colour loss and off-flavour development.

  • Confectionary

    Confectionery is equally sought after item nowadays. Confectionary products come in different shapes, colours, and sizes, but all share a single purpose and that is consumer's enjoyment and satiation.

    Taste, colour and texture are essential to confectionery product development, and consumers are constantly on the lookout for innovative ingredients that can offer new sensations. Despite our taste prone leaning towards sweetness, the modern consumers have become more cautious and aware about their health and wellbeing. The confectionery industry has responded to these concerns positively by introducing healthier products and experimenting with different kinds of flavours.

    Botanic Healthcare has taken the responsibility of serving the best confectionery merchandises to its consumers. With its wide-ranging natural ingredients; Botanic offers a full set of solutions to the challenges our consumers may confront with. These energetic products will surely unleash your creativity with vibrant natural colours, functional botanical extracts, taste modifiers, and spice extracts.

    The addition of our extracts to confectionery products helps maintain a judicious balance between great taste and good health.

  • Bakery & Cereals

    Bakery and cereals have equally occupied significant space in the food industry. Global trends towards nature based ingredients and homemade recipes are driving the growth of bakery and cereal products. The magic of putting together raw ingredients and watching it come together in one perfect creation never gets old. But every baker is on the lookout for new savours and aromas. To match these new market needs from spice and herb oleoresins to aromatic essences, Botanic offers a wide range of natural extracts that can enhance the feel, flavour, texture and aroma of delicacies. Explore the full range of creative possibilities by combining our natural ingredients for exciting and delicious developments.

  • Beverages

    Botanic Healthcare creates products for our clients that perfectly fulfil the requirements of their consumers. Our sagacious teams entrusted with the job of creation and applications have proven proficient and fruitful for the industry. With a solid understanding of the technical needs and back-of-house operations, we collaborate with food service clients to help them develop unique menu items to further delight their consumers.

    Taste, flavour and health coupled with stimulating sensation are what Botanic Healthcare presents you in the wide of beverages. We offer a complete series of natural solutions to ensure the best sensorial appeal for your beverage natural colours, flavouring extracts, fruit and vegetable powders. This unique series of natural solutions is the perfect foundation for boundless creative exploration in developing tomorrow's trendiest and healthiest products!

    We never brush aside the challenges with which our clients may confront with but our sincere endeavour has always been to appreciate those challenges of our clients, and we are naturally well-placed to create the right flavour solution for a quite wide range of applications.

  • Dairy

    Growing demand for quality based and healthy dairy items cannot be ignored at present. Dairy products enjoy an excellent reputation among consumers looking for healthy and nutrient-rich foods. The unrivalled technologies within our Dairy category are used to deliver solutions for wide range applications.

    Botanic Healthcare portfolio of natural ingredients is the perfect complement to this healthy image. Our high-quality, consistent natural colours and colouring foodstuffs will give your product just the right visual appeal. The products that revolve around natural dairy are also much sought after.

  • Oils & Fats

    Ever shifting consumer expectations with healthier options of standardized and stable use of oils in processed foods, the oil and fat industry is filled with challenges and exciting opportunities.

    Rising to the challenge, Botanic caters to the complex procedures of the Fats and Oils industry with a range of custom application specific solutions. Our range of natural emulsifiers and antioxidants improve the quality and performance of the products while increasing heat stability and shelf life. With the help of natural colour extracts we improve the uniformity and aesthetic appeal of the products without compromising the taste characteristics.

  • Meat & Poultry

    Meat and poultry do not lag behind as compared to other food items as their demand is on the rise. Today, time is valued most and majority of cooks prefer processed foods to save time. This is also true if we talk about meat and poultry products. However, meat and poultry have unique taste structures that blend and respond differently to different flavours. This presents the food industry with an opportunity to offer a range of eating experiences. With our wide range of antioxidants, essences and natural colours, Botanic products cater to the elaborate flavour requirements of the industry while promising greater shelf stability and better nutrition value.