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Herbal Cosmetic Products Manufacturers

The strength of our fundamental industry is to tame the ever possible sophisticated skills for extraction from the sources, purification of the product to suit to the purpose, and devising it into liquid and powder form. The main target of Botanic Healthcare is its determination and earnest endeavor to produce high quality standardized botanical derivatives which are indispensable ingredients in manufacturing health, food and cosmetic products. Botanic Healthcare has broadened its horizons by using innovative technologies and kept upgrading various techniques and approaches. We keep in pace with the ever changing technologies, innovations and knowledge to suit to the needs of our treasurable customers. Our industrial performance marks great advancement owing to candid communication between our production sites and interchange of technological and industrial knowledge and awareness. It is the varied knowledge and deep insight into the plant extraction industry that is abundant to guarantee the knowledge, information and understanding of the business, market trends and legal deliberations. The more we keep ourselves apprised with the modern knowledge and innovation the more we guarantee success to our customers. We can only flourish if our customers are satisfied with our trustworthiness.


Herbal Healthcare Products Manufacturers

Typical Stages of Manufacturing From the Raw Material Procurement to Finished Product

  • Sourcing

    • We honestly obey the decent Agriculture and collection Practices.
    • Strict yardsticks for Selection of raw material and approval process.
    • Sourcing and foundation guaranteed.
    • Accountable and maintainable production chain with utmost satisfaction.
  • Reception

    • Corroboration and validation of guarantees at the reception.
    • Focus on identification and measurement of quality of raw material at the outset.
    • Well deliberated sampling plan.
  • Raw material Analysis

    Logical and regular scrutiny of raw material before discharge.

    • Botanic Identity
    • Active components
    • Contaminant
    • Microbiology
  • Manufacturing

    Logical and regular scrutiny of raw material before discharge.

    • We stick to acquiescence with excellent business methodologies.
    • Guarantee of traceability at every stage of production.
    • Manufacturing procedure fully regulated.
    • No compromise with quality at any stage.
  • Final scrutiny and finalized product release

    Logical and regular scrutiny of raw material before discharge.

    • Constructive release
    • Planned investigation for every batch
      • Organoleptic batch
      • Active components
      • Contaminants
      • Microbiology
    • Certificate of analyses.
    • Concluding control of finalized merchandise.
  • Storehouse and traceability

    • Safest storehouse for finished product
    • Traceability from the beginning to end right from reception to preparation of order
    • Isolated zone
  • Our customers

    • Guarantee of contented customer services
    • Agreement over downstream traceability.
    • Guarantee of quality and guidelines provided

Herbal Cosmetic Products Manufacturers


    Extraction plays a very crucial role in the initial stages. The process involves separation and removal of the major properties of the plant used for the products. The material harvested and picked from the plants passes duly through the process of drying and grinding and then is immersed in a solvent that validates its similarity with the molecules being extracted. The presentation and selectivity of the extraction process gets affected by a number of factors such as time management, temperature setting, pressure adjustment and solvent selection etc. The extraction process is followed by a filtration system that separates the solvent and desired compounds from the plant's basic structure. The solvent then passes through another significant process of evaporation at low temperature so that the active compounds may get concentrated. Subsequently the crude extract is purified and used for the specific purpose in the same form or sometimes formulated to meet the necessities.

    Our experienced and technical teams consistently create the absolute appropriate flavour solution for every one of our client's products.


    The primary function of the purification process is to sort out the molecules so that they may be exclusively separated independently or in groups. To discharge this procedure crude extracts are first added to a liquid solution that pulls the molecules through a purifying stratagem. The molecules move along at different rates according to their physicochemical properties. Matching molecules are arranged into three groups based on their migration rate, at the end of the process. The three groups into which the said molecules are sorted out area the top, middle and the lowest segments. The purified actives are the molecules contained in the middle fractions. The target of the purification process, thus, is to remove unwanted and impure particles and at the same time concentrating the energetic substances. Botanic Healthcare adopts for the whole process of purification best ever and innovative techniques leaving no room for impurities and unsolicited material.


    Drying is process sans which the quality of a product can never be maintained well. Drying distillates the active and lively compounds and do away with the moisture. This process not only removes moistness but it also lessens the weight of a solid ingredient making it lighter in weight and at the same time the shelf life is prolonged. Application of heat plays a very crucial role in in this process as it may modify the natural properties of the molecules. It has been the determination of the Botanic Healthcare to apply the best innovative and modern methods keeping in pace with the new technologies to dry the products without losing the quality of the product. We execute this process in a very sophisticated fashion.