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Health is the best asset of life you can boast of. Then why to compromise with your health? Botanic Healthcare is the panacea you are looking for!!
Choose Good Health with Botanic Remedies from Botanic Healthcare!

Action speaks louder than words: Our products are widely popular for quality, innovation and contentment on the part of our customers.

Since inception of our brand, we have tried to gain the customer reliance by offering them solutions to their requirements at affordable prices with unbeatable qualities which lead to unbeatable growth of our company.

All extracts are manufactured in our state of art cGMP certified, ISO, HACCP, Halal and Kosher Certified plant. All product will meet USFDA, TGA, MEDSFAE and EU guidelines.

Phytochemicals Extracts and Manufacturer - Botanic Healthcare:

An organization which is professionally expert in using extraction science to produce the best quality, advanced and most innovative natural ayurvedic medicinal herbal extracts. Our technical expertise, transparency and meticulous working on the commercial commitments is an answer for all your need and yearning for the ingredients. Botanic Healthcare is an organization where we value quality, commitment and ethics more than anything else and ours is a mission and vision to satisfy our clients. Botanic Healthcare is an edifice erected on the pillars of excellence, modernism and innovation and credibility!

Our credentials at Botanic Healthcare is development and production of world's finest and purest herbal ingredients, therapeutic herbal extracts tested to latest verified and validated test methods by independent labs, Ayurvedic herbal powders on herb ratio basis, cosmeceuticals and natural essential oils. All these products are vital as dietary supplements, health-foods and personal care products as well. At Botanic Healthcare, we believe that comprehensive knowledge of active principles and technologies are the efforts to "create the value difference" for our partners. We serve our clients in Nutraceutical, Dietary Supplements, Food and Beverage, Cosmeceuticals and Sports nutrition items. We recognize and admire the fact that manufacturing any final product, irrespective of the brand, depends on the origin of herbal extracts and other ingredients that are produced in our plant. Our sincere responsibility is to supply you with top quality innovative medicinal herbal extracts on which depends the quality and success of your products and brand name and we take pride in fulfilling your demands by being the best at what we do.

As the nutraceutical global market is growing speedily, new regulatory guidelines are coming in place expecting higher level of compliance from nutraceutical manufacturers and contract manufacturers and that's where our commitment and services start for our client to meet those compliance goals so that we may keep in pace with the competitive ridden market.

To be competitive in today's market you don't just want another routine ingredient supplier. You want a business partner with manufacturing capabilities and techno-commercial excellence whose long term success guarantees your own success in turn. We want to act as a partner with global network that can streamline your supply chain and purchasing. You will surely find in us a partner who is leading the industry with innovation, safety and compliance. We are a business partner with technical expertise and commercial proficiencies who can develop custom formulations as well as a solution to your production challenges. With Botanic Healthcare you can confidently rely on us for all your ingredient needs and we promise to never let you down as far as our dealing, commitment and quality is concerned. We esteem your faith in us. We have got the satisfactory responses with technical documents for your technical queries. It gives us utter pleasure and gratification to see you fully satisfied with our quality service. We readily supply you with your purchase order. There is no dearth of stock. You have got the production deadlines to meet and we have the delivery dates for you! Botanic Healthcare is your business partner who can timely deliver the raw ingredients within your budget whenever you need them.

What we said above may seem unfeasible and unreasonable for most ingredient manufacturers, suppliers or brokers, but for us at Botanic Healthcare it's the core and guarantee of our business. We never promise what we cannot deliver.

  • Mission

    Our mission is to spearhead the Healthcare Industry in a noble direction by manufacturing and supplying topmost quality ingredients and to create the value difference among our partners.

  • Vision

    We guarantee excellence in the field of herbal extracts by incorporating extraction science with innovation.

  • Values

    • We promise to have reverence for our business and that of our worthy partners.
    • Commitment to work as a team to understand our customer's necessities.
    • We believe in following honest, fair, straight forward and genuine business ethics.
    • We value assurance of endless quality improvement and meanwhile preserving the excellence of the product.
    • We promise to generate production efficiency and, hence, making it cost effective.

Our Team

Our team at Botanic Healthcare is led by industry experts who have been involved in Indian and International nutraceutical industry for more than 15 years at different levels from manufacturing to quality assurance to different management levels. Unlike other companies we understand the technical aspects of ingredients and the science behind efficacy and value of ingredients. We believe in clinical examination and re-examination of ingredients to prove their efficacy and we insist on the quality of ingredients until they get released by our clients in their inventory, having fully satisfied. You can be assured that by working with us, you are not just working with an ingredient manufacturer and supplier but you are working with industry's respected experts who will never let you or your business down at any stage.